Work in Progress: Installing Frames

Since I started interning at the Orangetown Historical Museum and Archives last month, I have already been involved with many tasks of museum work;

One of them is installing frames.

One day, I worked with the building manager, who is a super handy engineer who can fix anything at the museum, we kept attaching screws and wires to more than 30 frames. 

Then, I hung those frames on a gallery wall assisting my supervisor. She is the curator of the museum. So, we placed the frames discussing their height, positioning and balance in order to meet her vision.

Those frames are all donated by one of the museum's generous donors. They are all unique in size, shape and color.
 Still going...

Then finally, we hung all of the frames. 
This is the view of the gallery right now♪ Post-its with some notes which indicate what is going to be shown there, are attached on to the blank frames.
Exhibit material will be printed on a board, framed in each, and will fill the gallery wall in the next exhibition.

Besides all those hung frames, there is a larger frame laying on a table in the gallery.
The curator is up to something with this... ♪ I am looking forward to see what is going to happen to this beautiful piece♪

In another gallery, different installation work is also proceeding.

Above the fireplace, one frame and some lamps are waiting for their turns.

 A collection of smaller frames are sitting in a glass showcase, too.

Random stacking chairs along the gallery wall might be an interesting installation for the exhibit♪

At the end of the day, I found this wooden object in one of the gallery spaces. It was placed near the window and caught my attention...
The director told me this was the mortise and tenon which had been used for a building structure. Old Dutch immigrants built their houses (like the museum building) using this woodwork.

The museum is now "Work in Progress" toward its next exhibition starting on May 7th.

I have been enjoying creating the exhibition as a part of the museum team! 

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