Beautiful Hat Collection

Let me introduce this fabulous collection of millinery.

These beautiful hats were donated to the Orangetown Historical Museum and Archives by a generous family Mr. and Mrs. Lanzilotti.

They came in a classic hat box with other accessories, such as handmade night caps, an ostrich collar, an ostrich feather boa, a rose corsage and felted wool spats.

Since the museum acquired this collection, it has researched about each item.

They are historical items which played a role gracing the owner's attire in the late 19th century to the early 20th century.

Family items are family memories.
Every item was well preserved by the family, and this time, the museum took over the duty to appreciate and introduce the significance of this collection.

At the museum, I take part in the research work for these items.
It often requires careful observation and a lot of study of each, to find out their history. 
However, it is a romantic process to trace back the history of costumes and to know how people were living in the period before I was born, by understanding objects.

Objects acquired by the museum, like this collection, are studied, preserved and then may be introduced to visitors in the future exhibitions.

The generous donation enriches the museum's research duty, collections and exhibitions. 

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