Ostrich Feather, Innocent Flowers and Black Velvet

I was with my supervisor and a female worker. We were excitedly observing each item from the hat collection which I introduced last time.

Since each hat was so unique with interesting design, we were appreciating them by picking up our favorite one besides studying them♪

My supervisor's favorite one is this brown spring hat.
The whole hat is made with delicate tulle supported by a wire frame.
The front brim is decorated with a gorgeous plume of ostrich feather which slightly covers wearer's face like a weeping willow.

This cute hat is for a young female worker who is working at the museum as a volunteer staff and also teaches me registrar work on digital archive software.
The very feminine and innocent appearance of this flower-covered hat matches her so much♪

And,,, this black velvet hat was chosen for me!
This is a chic velvet hat with an oval brim.
Toward the outside edge of the brim is decorated with black tulle. (This tulle has become so fragile that we need to be careful when we handle this hat!!!)

There is a pin with two gold pearls, is attached on the front.

Black satin ribbon is tied into a bow shape at slightly off-center on the back. I think this is very cute♪

On the liner of the hat, an emblem logo is embroidered.
It is the logo of Hahne & Co which was a high-end department store in Newark, NJ from the beginning to the late 20th century.
Unfortunately, we no longer have a chance to see this department store in business now, however, we can imagine how Newark seemed like with such a fancy stores with top-of-the-line fashion products in the early 20th century.

It is always interesting and romantic to know about history through objects which have been living over years, decades and centuries♪

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