Coffee Time in the Morning

My work (intern) time at the Orangetown Historical Museum and Archives, is usually 10am to 3pm.

As I always write here, I am involved with many types of tasks of the whole museum work, I still have lots of opportunity to work on something new on each day and learn works I have never done before, though it has been almost 2 months since I started working there.

Working on new tasks and meeting new people let my work time go faster and time always flies at the internship.

The work at the museum usually starts with a nice morning coffee time with everybody. When I arrive at the museum, my supervisor, the director of the museum and the building engineer are already there with freshly brewed coffee and some snack at the table.

As soon as I get there, I join them as they always tell me "Good morning♪ Have some coffee here! We saved some for you!"

I love this pleasant and uplifting coffee time at the beginning of a day with everybody♪

The coffee time is also a time to communicate to each other like a meeting time.
We exchange information about works and projects each of us deals with, and tell others who they are proceeding.

This is also a good chance for me to know about people I rarely meet during daily work time, such as board members, local historians etc.

I hope I will have a lot more chance to meet people in addition to learning opportunity so that I can have more broad idea of museum work associated with people in society.

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