Preparing the Salyer House for the Education Program

The current exhibition, past/forward, at the Orangetown Museum, was successfully launched by holding an opening reception last week.

The show is on view on Tuesdays (10am - 2pm) and Sundays (1pm to 4pm) at the DePew House.

Even when the museum is all done with exhibition installation, there are more things to set up for various purposes.

For 3 days in next week, the museum is going to welcome 7th-grade students from South Orangetown Middle School.
The students are visiting the Salyer House on their field trip and the museum's will give them a tour and a history lecture on site.

Prior to this educational program for the students, we worked on setting up the gallery in the house this week.

To enrich the exhibit, we picked a mid-19th CE dress from the museum's collection and added it to the Salyer House's gallery.

This dress is made of cotton fabric with flower prints.
The rich design formed with plenty of fabric and elaborate details, such as a number of pintucks and puffy sleeves, were all created by hand stitches.

The piping work was beautifully done all over the dress as well.
This lovely dress has been well preserved by the donor and the museum's collection management.

We placed the dress with other historical materials in one of the galleries at the Salyer House.

This section of the exhibit is going to give the students an image of the style in a domestic scene in 19th century America.

As it was introduced here before, the Salyer house contains a variety of historical objects acquired from this area.
In addition to the house's Dutch architecture, pieces of furniture, tools, craft works, fine art objects and documents create the atmosphere of the old America.

The Salyer House is not currently open to the public, but it will be next week, only for the students' field trip program.
Everything is installed and ready for it.
The museum is going to welcome the students.
We hope they will enjoy the lecture and take as much as they can from their visit.


Exhibition "past/forward" on View

The new exhibition past/forward is starting this weekend at the Orangetown Museum in Orangeburg, NY.

Beginning with the opening reception on Saturday, May 7, the exhibit will be on view on Sundays (1pm-4pm) and Tuesdays (10am-2pm) until November 13, 2016.

All the installation is done, and the museum is ready to welcome all the visitors, finally.

The exhibition is going to showcase historical materials which were collected from the town of Orangetown. These fragments of history exhibited will tell the audience about the stories of this historic town.

The show is organized based on a theme "preservation" of the town history and importance of passing it on to the future.

Archeological objects excavated around the historical Seth's House which has been currently under restoration finally, will welcome visitors in the first gallery.

Beside introducing historical materials, the museum is taking a new approach to this show as a history museum of the town.

The exhibition is containing contemporary artworks by a young Dutch artist, Nynke Koster.

Her works were created by casting architectural parts. Fragments of history obtained from those historical architectures are made into works of art with a new material while they remain reflecting the exact shape of the architecture. Her interpretation of history will play an important role in the exhibition connecting the past and the future.

Her mold work of the Gates of Paradise (The Baptistery in Florence, Italy) will be shown being juxtaposed with the museum's historical collections in the gallery.

Preservation is not only about activities done by professional people at special cites. This great collection (hats and wedding attire) of Lanzilotti family tells preservation happens at home with our family memorabilia.

The museum also introduces the record of preservation of historical houses. The text and the video shows how these irreplaceable architectures.

For the preservation in the town couldn't have been made possible without tremendous effort by historians, the locals and organizations which are supporting this area's preservation activities.

One wall of this gallery is dedicated to those people. The exhibition celebrates the most significant 28 personnel/groups from them as the heroes of the town history.
Also, the film of the project This Place Matters conducted by one of the interns of the museum will be introduced here.

The documentary film This House Matters will be screened throughout the exhibition time. More visual information of the preservation happening in Rockland County will enrich the exhibition theme.

Behind the doors, plates and glasses are standing by for fresh cook food for the opening reception on May 7. I am looking forward to seeing the show launched with celebration.

The show is now all ready with effort by all staff and volunteer members, and great support by all the people concerned.

Please come to see the exhibition at the Orangetown Historical Museum and Archives.

Exhibition Information:
Orangetown Historical Museum and Archives (The DePew House)
196 Chief Bill Harris Way,
Orangeburg, NY 10962
OPEN  Sundays (1pm - 4pm), Tuesdays (10am - 2pm)