Work in Progress: Label Making

It is very fortunate that I have a lot of opportunity to satisfy my enthusiasm for creation at the Orangetown Museum.

One of the projects I have been involved recently, was label making for the new exhibition.
I enjoyed this manufacturing work in the museum's studio, so let me introduce what I did with some pictures♪

One day, all the printed materials arrived at the studio. 
These pieces of paper were going to be attached on a wall as exhibition sources. 

With rulers and a pencil, the paper with print was marked so that it could have excess part cut off.

Getting rid of excess paper with a cutter...

Adjusting to the size of each cut material, another sheet of paper was prepared. This was a special sheet made of glue substance which would be melt by heat.  

Placing pairs of cut paper and glue sheet on a large foam board, so we could cut the board efficiently.

Then the board was cut into the size of each piece with this big cutter.

The set of the foamed board, the glue sheet and the print, were sandwiched by release paper (light blue paper in the picture), and gently and partially pressed by the heated iron. This process was for quasi-fixing, so the next step would be easily and precisely done.

This is the heating machine to finalize this gluing process. This horizontal version of trouser-presser-like machine was to give certain heat to the whole labels and glue the paper fully to the boards.

Each pre-glued material sandwiched with large release paper, was pressed and heated in the machine for about 30 seconds.

Cooling down the glued pieces in between the tabletop and an acrylic board so that they could be firmly done without crooking or containing air bubbles.  

Finally, the printed materials were attached on boards. After that, all the excess part was cut off and the edges were filed.

The labels we made this time were placed in one of the museum galleries, which will become a film screening room for the coming exhibition.

How these labels are attached on the wall?

It's a secret family recipe of the museum♪ ;-)

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