Work in Progress: Panels and Invitations

The Orangetown Historical Museum and Archives has gotten more loaded as it moves toward its new exhibition, past/forward beginning in May.

This week, newly printed panels for the exhibit were delivered by our printer.

The installation at the museum is still in progress so, most of them are still nicely wrapped and placed in a corner of the gallery.
They are waiting for their turn to be installed, which is coming very soon!

This is a panel for one of the gallery walls.

This series of panels will be placed at the gallery's multiple windows.

This folded piece is a large banner which will be hung outside the museum building: The DePew House.
Another rolled one goes on to the gallery wall.

Along with all these panels,  other materials to be sent to the members of the museum, have been delivered, as well.
Invitations for the members are nicely folded and put in an envelop one by one by museum workers and volunteers. They will be mailed shortly♪

The poster for the antique fair is also ready and here.
This event "Antiques & Collectibles Sales" will be held on May 21st, Saturday, also at the DePew House.
The museum is open on that day, too. It is going to be a fun day at the DePew House with the outdoor fair in the nice May weather and the exhibit in the gallery.

The museum is preparing to welcome all the visitors and looking forward to the opening of the show!

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