Work in Progress: Installation, Research and PR Tasks

As I always tell people for sure that the best thing for me to intern at the Orangetown Historical Museum and Archives, is that I can get involve with so many tasks of museum work.

Since the last post, we have installed many of the new panels in the gallery and all the archeological objects found around the Seth's House were nicely placed with temporary labels on a table.

More objects, for example this antique clock, to organize the exhibition are brought from the Salyer House.

This is the wall with multiple frames which I hung with my supervisor.
All the frames are now empty. They are waiting for the panels to be done by our printer and come back to each.

The stacked chairs are holding a digital screen which will introduce a lot of information to our visitors at the exhibit.
The work tools on a side are the sign of "work in progress"♪

While this installation work, I keep researching some more pieces from the museum acquisition and organizing information about them on the digital archive software.
They are men's hats donated by the same family as the fabulous female hats. I would like to talk about them in my some other post.

In addition to that, I have been working on making a PR list and news release to pitch to various media recently.
The Orangetown Historical Museum and Archives is a non-for-profit organization run by the town of Orangetown. The museum is not holding an exhibition for a commercial purpose but always willing to welcome people from both local areas and outside the region.

Thanks to the museum staff who always let me try working on multiple projects regardless of department boundaries, I have been working for the museum doing as much as I can :-)

I hope we will have a large attendance at the new exhibition♪

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