Work in Progress: Framing

It's been more than 2 months since I talked about the frames as my second post here.

Time always flies...

It already became time to place printed panels to all these empty frames.

All the printed and cut materials were delivered to the Orangetown Museum.
Each panel talks about each historian or organization which has played a significant role in preserving history of the Orangetown and passing it on to following generations.

Under the instruction of Ms. Weischowsky, who is one of the museum board members and also a professional framer, we attached the panels to these frames.
As always, I enjoyed this framing project which required manual labor. It was very interesting to operate a framing nailer which was a gun-like equipment to shoot a nail into a wooden frame to hold a panel.

After all, the empty frames are filled with texts and pictures.

This wall is going to introduce 28 heroes (historians and organizations) of the Orangetown history preservation in the coming exhibition, past/forward.

The exhibition will be open to public from May 7th - November 13th.

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