Work in Progress: Painting Wires

In addition to the label making work from the last post, I also enjoyed working on painting small things.

What I painted were these wires which are hanging objects on a gallery wall.

The wires are thin, however, their reflecting metallic color was standing out against the lavender wall.

So, I got the fun work of becoming a painter and coloring these thin wires, in order to make the exhibit look better♪

Beginning with masking the objects so I wouldn't paint them accidentally,,,

I applied some paint which the museum's engineer had prepared, on to each wire by using this little painting brush.

Since I had to be careful not to dribble the paint on the objects or the floor, and also working mostly on a stepladder required more caution, it took me a while to finish all the wires, in spite of the size of the painting surface...
However, I again enjoyed this physical task at the museum :-)

Now, the wires are painted in the same color as the wall, and blending in with the gallery atmosphere.

Color difference on such thin wires seems very subtle, but it makes a big difference in viewers' eyes.
It was one of the important processes to prepare a gallery to make the best of the exhibit.

And,,, I did a quick retouch on to another wall as well.

The Orangetown Museum is preparing its gallery to welcome all the visitors to the exhibition "past/forward" in about 2 weeks.

Installation is coming toward the final stage.

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